Prior to COVID, Silverstein wanted to reduce the logistical headaches, and operating costs
associated with provisioning physical cards to their tenants across their office portfolio. The
advent of COVID only accelerated the need for a digital, seamless solution since it became a
priority that they limit the number of touchpoints to ensure a more safe, sterile environment for

The problem is, access control systems, which are responsible for allowing tenants to move in
and out of spaces, are highly disparate with no centralized management across multiple
locations. Also, current mobile access solutions are expensive and an impediment to
approaching a portfolio at a holistic level. Silverstein tried Bluetooth and found it lacking in user
experience due to accuracy and latency issues. When they tried QR codes, they realized the
solution required installing additional readers, so it became a capital intensive process.
SwiftConnect was working with Apple and HID to deliver access credentials via Apple Wallet by
the time Silverstein initially engaged SwiftConnect. This sparked the perfect opportunity for
Silverstein to partner with Apple and HID to become the first Owner in the world to replace
plastic employee ID badges with digital cards – powered by SwiftConnect.

SwiftConnect AccessCloud:
Digital Identity for the Physical World

SwiftConnect is an information transfer network that links access
control systems (ACS) and other proptech solutions to streamline
credentialing for building owners and companies. In addition to
streamlining access management for entire property portfolios and
global company offices – SwiftConnect links its customers to the
Apple Wallet and Android NFC virtual badge – a first in the industry.
Silverstein realized that with SwiftConnect’s ability to manage and
place credentials portfolio wide, coupled with a NFC credential
provided by HID, they could start sharing all of their amenities in each building across their
entire tenant base. Now, Silverstein’s employee badges in Apple Wallet allow users to easily
access its office buildings, tenant floors, fitness centers and amenity spaces using their iPhone
or Apple Watch.

Starting at the 7 World Trade Center, the company plans to offer the service to its 50,000 office
users in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.